Project Case study New Kitchen Heaven Retail store

Your regularly scheduled status meeting is in progress. Let's see how it's progressing.

Your next agenda item is an update on change requests. Ricardo submitted a change request regarding the hardware installation at the new store site. A new, much anticipated operating system was just released, and Ricardo has plans to upgrade the entire company to the new operating system. Since he must purchase new equipment for this store anyway, he contends that it makes sense to go ahead and purchase the hardware with the newest operating system already loaded. His staff won't have to upgrade this store as part of the upgrade project because the store will already have the new operating system.

Ricardo's change request was submitted in writing through the change control system. A CCB was set up during the Planning stages of this project to handle change requests. At the CCB meeting, the following questions come up regarding Ricardo's request: Has the new operating system been tested with the existing system? Are there compatibility problems? If so, what risks are associated with getting the problems resolved and the equipment installed by opening day? Is the vendor ready to ship with the new operating system?

The CCB defers their decision for this request until Ricardo gives them answers to these questions.

During the next CCB meeting, the board reviews a change request from Jill. The gourmet food supplier she used went out of business and Jill contracted with a new vendor. She received a sample shipment from the new vendor and was very unhappy with the results. Upon inspecting the products, she found broken containers and damaged packaging. Meanwhile, Jill found another vendor, who has sent her a sample shipment. She is very pleased with the new vendor's products and service. However, this vendor's prices are even higher than the first replacement vendor she contracted with. Jill submitted a cost change request to the CCB because of the increased cost of the gourmet food product shipment. The change in cost does not have a significant impact on the budget.

Jake reported that payments have been made to the vendor supplying the store's display cases and shelving and also gave an update on the vendor supplying the lighting for the store. Both vendors met or exceeded performance requirements and he's happy with their service.

You hold a seat on the CCB and are aware of the change requests and their impacts to the project. Ricardo satisfactorily answered all the questions the CCB had, so his request and Jill's request were both approved during the meeting.

"Now I'd like to give a brief update on the project forecast," you tell the group. "Based on the preliminary data I've gathered, we are somewhat behind schedule but budget appears to be on track. I will have some forecast numbers for you at the next meeting."

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