Project case study New Kitchen Heaven Retail store

You're just finishing a phone conversation with Jill, and you see Dirk headed toward your office.

Dirk walks in, crosses his arms over his chest, and stands next to your desk with an "I'm here for answers" look.

"I thought I'd drop by and see whether you have signed a lease and gotten Jake started on that build-out yet," says Dirk.

"I just got off the phone with Jill," you reply. "The Realtor found a great location, and we've set up a tour for tomorrow."

"What has been the holdup?" Dirk asks. "I thought we'd be ready to start the build-out about now."

"I've been working on the project plans."

"Project plans," Dirk interrupts. "We already have a plan. That schedule thing and risk stuff and the budget you drew up over the last couple of weeks spelled things out pretty clearly."

"I'm almost finished with the project plans. I'd like you to take a look at the human resource plan after I review with you what we've done to date."

"I don't understand why you're wasting all this time planning. We all know what the objectives are."

"Dirk," you reply, "if we put the right amount of effort and time into planning, the actual work of the project should go pretty smoothly. Planning is probably one of the most important things we can do on this project. If we don't plan correctly, we might miss something very important that could delay the store opening. That date is pretty firm, I thought."

"Yes, the date is firm. But I don't see how we could miss anything. You and I have met several times, and I know you've met with Jill and Jake. They're the other key players on this."

"Let me finish," you reply. "I have met with all the key stakeholders and after you review these last few documents I have for you, we're finished with the planning phase of this project. Ricardo drafted a procurement statement of work. He needs to hire some external resources—and I noted that in the human resource management plan by the way—to help run Ethernet cable, procure a T1 line, and purchase some routers and switches. The purchase of the routers and switches will be accomplished using a fixed-price contract and the human resources he needs will be procured using a time and materials contract. Jill also drew up a procurement statement of work for the gourmet and cookware lines purchase. I documented a lot of the human resource plan when we worked through the activity estimating and duration exercise and put some finishing touches on it yesterday. It includes a RACI chart for all our project key deliverables." You sneak in a quick breath because you don't want Dirk to interrupt. "And the quality management plan is complete. After your review, I'll distribute it to the key stakeholders. The quality management plan describes how we'll implement our quality policy. You know the old saying, 'Do it right the first time.' I took the time to write down the specific quality metrics we're looking for, including the lease signing date (this one must start and finish on time) and the IT equipment specifications, and Jill has documented the gourmet products and the cookware line specifications."

Dirk looks impressed but you can't tell for sure.

"After I look at the last of these planning documents, are we ready to actually start working?"

"Yes, as soon as the lease is signed. I anticipate that happening by the end of this week. Tomorrow's tour is the fifth location Jill will look at. She's very happy with the third property she saw but wants to look at this last property before she makes her final decision."

"Great. Let's take a look at that human plan or whatever it is."

After reviewing the last of the planning documents, Dirk signs off on the project plan.

■ Procurement

■ Fixed-price contract

■ Time and materials contract

■ Procurement documents prepared

■ Procurement statement of work prepared

■ Develop Human Resource Plan

■ Roles and responsibilities documented

■ RACI chart developed

■ Organizational chart developed

■ Quality Management Plan and Quality Metrics

■ Lease signing start and end dates

■ IT equipment specifications

■ Gourmet products—availability rates and defects

■ Cookware products—availability rates

■ Organizational chart developed

■ Obtain approval and sign-off on project plan

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