Project case Study New Kitchen Heaven Retail Store

The project charter kickoff meeting was held and well attended. You're ready to start gathering requirements and writing the project scope statement and have a question or two for Dirk. You knock on his door, and he invites you in.

"Shoot," he says.

"I'm ready to define the deliverables and requirements for this project. I want to make sure I get the right folks involved in the meeting. Who are key stakeholders you recommend I speak with?"

"I can think of a few people right off that you don't want to miss. There's Jake Peterson over in Facilities. He's in charge of store furnishings, shelving, things like that—any supplies for the stores that aren't retail products. He can help out with store build-outs too. He supervised our last eight stores and did a terrific job."

"Anyone else?" you ask.

"You should also talk to Jill Overstreet, the director in charge of retail products. She can help with the initial store stocking, and once the store is open, her group will take over the ongoing operations. All the district managers report to Jill."

You thank Dirk and tell him you're going to contact Jake and Jill and set up a brainstorming session to determine requirements.

A few days later.

You review your notes and reread the first draft of the project scope statement you've prepared for the Kitchen Heaven retail store before looking for Dirk. After your meetings with the stakeholders, you were better able to refine the project objectives and deliverables.

"Dirk, I'm glad I caught you. I'd like to go over the project scope statement with you before I give it to the stakeholders. Do you have a few minutes?"

"Sure," Dirk says to you. "Let's have it."

"The project objective is to open the 50th Kitchen Heaven store in Colorado Springs by February 1. When I met with Jake, he confirmed it takes 120 days to do the store build-out. That includes having the shelves set up and in place, ready to stock with inventory."

Dirk asks whether Jake told you about his store location idea.

"Yes, Jake gave me a contact name of the leasing agent, and I've left her a voicemail. The sooner we can get that lease signed, the better. It takes Jake 120 days to do the build-out, and Jill said she needs two weeks lead time to order the initial inventory and stock the shelves. That puts us pretty close to our February 1 deadline, counting the time to get the lease papers signed."

"Sounds good so far," Dirk replies. "What else?"

You continue, "I've included an updated description of the products and services the new store will offer, based on the documentation that was written from the last store opening. Jill reviewed the updates to the description, so we should be in the clear there. The store will include some new lines that we've decided to take on—cookware from famous chefs, that kind of thing.

"Jake has already made contact with a general contractor in Colorado Springs, and he is ready to roll once we've signed the lease.

"One more thing, Dirk. Since we're including the big bash at grand opening as part of the deliverables, I talked to some of your folks in marketing to get some ideas. They are thinking we should have some great giveaways as door prizes and that we will want the food catered. They also thought having some live cooking demonstrations with some local chefs would be a good attraction."

"Sounds like you're on the right track. So, what's next?" Dirk asks.

"Once you approve the scope statement, I'd like to send a copy to the stakeholders. My next step is to break down the deliverables and requirements I've documented here into the WBS so we can get rolling on the work of the project."

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