Project Case Study Checklist

The main topics discussed in the case study are as follows:

Stakeholder analysis for requirements gathering: Jake Peterson and Jill Overstreet interviewed. Needs, wants, and expectations recorded and requirements prioritized.

Organizational structure: Functional organization with a separate projectized department.

Constraints: February 1 date to coincide with home and garden show. Assumptions: These are the assumptions:

■ A store build-out usually takes 120 days.

■ Jill Overstreet will help with the initial store stocking.

■ Jake Peterson will provide supplies for the stores that aren't retail products, such as store furnishings, shelving, and so on, and can help with the store build-out as well.

■ The budget for the project will be between $1.5 and $2 million. The project scope statement includes the following:

Project objectives: Open 50th store by February 1 in Colorado Springs.

Project deliverables: These are the project deliverables:

■ Build out storefront, including shelving.

■ Retail product line will be delivered two weeks prior to grand opening.

■ Have grand-opening party with cooking demos.

Project requirements: These are the project requirements:

■ Sign lease within 14 days.

■ Offer new line of gourmet food products.

■ Have classroom space in back of store for cooking demos and classes.

Constraints: February 1 date will coincide with home and garden show.

Fund limitations: Spend no more than $2 million for the project.

Assumptions: (These are the same as listed earlier.) Decomposed deliverables into a WBS.

The WBS includes the following:

■ Level two is subprojects or deliverables.

■ Level three is deliverables.

■ Last level of WBS is the work package level, where time and cost estimates can be defined in the next process.

I'll talk more about change control and change request processes in Chapter 9.

Approved changes might also impact the project scope management plan or some of the subsidiary plans that make up this plan. Make certain you update this plan as a result of the changes made during the Define Scope process.

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