Procurement Statements of Work

A procurement statement of work (SOW) contains the details of the procurement item in clear, concise terms. It includes the following elements:

■ The project objectives

■ A description of the work of the project and any postproject operational support needed

■ Concise specifications of the product or services required

■ The project schedule, time period of services, and work location

The procurement SOW might be prepared by either the buyer or the seller. Buyers might prepare the SOW and give it to the sellers, who in turn rewrite it so that they can price the work properly. If the buyer does not know how to prepare a SOW or the seller would be better at creating the SOW because of their expertise about the product or service, the seller might prepare it and then give it to the buyer to review. In either case, the procurement statement of work is developed from the project scope statement and the WBS and WBS dictionary.

The seller uses the SOW to determine whether they are able to produce the goods or services as specified. In addition, it wouldn't hurt to include a copy of the WBS with the SOW. Any information the seller can use to properly price the goods or services helps both sides understand what's needed and how it will be provided.

Projects might require some or all of the work of the project to be provided by a vendor. The Plan Procurements process determines whether goods or services should be produced within the organization or procured from outside, and if goods or services are procured from outside, it describes what will be outsourced and what kind of contract to use and then documents the information in the SOW and procurement management plan. The SOW will undergo progressive elaboration as you proceed through the procurement processes. There will likely be several iterations of the SOW before you get to the actual contract award.

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