Procurement Performance Reviews

Procurement performance reviews examine the seller's performance on the contract to date. These reviews can be conducted at the end of the contract or at intervals during the contract period. Procurement reviews examine the contract terms and seller performance for elements such as these:

■ Meeting project scope

■ Meeting project quality

■ Staying within project budgets

■ Meeting the project schedule

The performance reviews themselves might take the form of quality audits or inspections of documents as well as the work of the product itself. The point of the review is to determine where the seller is succeeding at meeting scope, quality, cost, and schedule issues, for example, or where they're not measuring up. If the seller is not in compliance, action must be taken to either get them back into compliance or terminate the contract. The yardstick you're using to measure their performance against is the contract SOW and the terms of the contract. When the RFP is included as part of the contract, you might also use it to determine contract compliance.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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