Process Name Project Management Process Group

Plan Procurements Conduct Procurements

Planning Executing

TABLE 2.9 Project Procurement Management (continued)

Process Name

Project Management Process Group

Administer Procurements

Monitoring and Controlling

Close Procurements


The Project Procurement Management Knowledge Area includes the processes involved with purchasing goods or services from vendors, contractors, suppliers, and others outside the project team. When discussing the Project Procurement Management processes, it's assumed that the discussion is taking place from your perspective as a buyer, while sellers are external to the project team. Interestingly, the seller might manage their work as a project, particularly when the work is performed on contract, and you as the buyer become a key stakeholder in their project.

The remainder of this book will deal with processes and process groups as they occur in order (that is, Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing), because this is the way you will encounter and manage them during a project.

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