Perform Quality Control Outputs

Perform Quality Assurance is concerned with assuring that the project is using the correct and most efficient processes to meet the project requirements; Perform Quality Control is concerned with the accuracy of the project results.

Perform Quality Control has several outputs:

■ Quality control measurements

■ Validated changes

■ Validated deliverables

■ Organizational process assets updates

■ Change requests

■ Project management plan updates

■ Project document updates

I've already discussed many of these outputs, but I'll add a few quick notes here. Validated changes are the results of changes, defect repairs, or variances that have been inspected and corrected. The resulting change, particularly corrective and preventive actions, can contribute to overall quality improvements and should be noted in the lessons learned documentation. Remember that processes that are in control should not be adjusted. Processes out of control might require adjusting, but this should occur only as a result of a management decision.

Validating deliverables involves using the tools and techniques of this process to determine if the deliverable is correct and accurate. This output becomes an input to the next process we'll discuss, Verify Scope, which entails accepting the deliverables.

Completed checklists become part of the project's documentation and are included as part of the organizational process asset updates. Lessons learned should include the causes of variances found during this process and why the corrective actions were recommended.

Updates to the quality management plan and the process improvement plan may be required as part of the project management plan updates output of this process. Quality standards may also need updating as a result of this process, and they are included in the project document updates output.

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