Perform Quality Assurance Tools and Techniques

The Perform Quality Assurance process has three tools and techniques: Plan Quality and Perform Quality Control tools and techniques, quality audits, and process analysis.

I discussed Plan Quality planning tools and techniques during the Quality Planning process in Chapter 7. You'll recall that the tools and techniques are cost-benefit analysis, cost of quality, control charts, benchmarking, design of experiments, statistical sampling, flowcharting, proprietary quality management methodologies, and additional quality planning tools. When we discuss the Perform Quality Control process in Chapter 11, "Controlling Work Results," we'll add even more tools to our quality tool bag with some Perform Quality Control tools and techniques. All of these tools and techniques from both the Plan Quality and Perform Quality Control processes can be used during the Perform Quality Assurance process as well to measure project performance.

We'll look at the remaining tools and techniques in the following sections.

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