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Lateral thinking is a way of reasoning and thinking about problems from perspectives other than the obvious. It challenges our perceptions and assumptions. Consider these two examples of lateral thinking that I crafted based on some puzzles I found at this website: www.folj.com/lateral/. Use your favorite search engine and run a query on "lateral thinking puzzles" to find many more examples.

Question: How could your pet Yorkie fall from the window of an 18-story building and live?

Answer: The question asks how your pet could fall from an 18-story building and live; however, the question doesn't state your pet fell from the 18th floor. So, your pet Yorkie fell from the basement-level window.

Question: Eight chocolates are arranged in an antique candy dish. Eight people each take one chocolate. There is one chocolate remaining in the dish. How can that be?

Answer: If there are eight chocolates in an antique dish, how can the last person take the last chocolate yet one remains in the dish? Well, the last person to take a chocolate took the dish as well—therefore, the last chocolate remained in the dish.

Remember these examples the next time you're defining scope or looking for alternative answers to a problem.

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