Outputs of Acquire Project Team

The resulting outputs of the Acquire Project Team process are as follows:

■ Project staff assignment

■ Resource calendars

■ Project management plan updates

Project staff assignment Your ability to influence the selection of resources (using the negotiating technique) will impact the project staff assignment output. After determining elements such as the roles and responsibilities, reviewing recruitment practices, and negotiating for staff, you assign project team members to project activities. Along with this output, a project team directory is published listing the names of all project team members and stakeholders. Don't forget to also include team member names in project organization charts, RAM charts, and other planning documents if their assignments or names weren't known when you created those documents.

Resource calendars Resource calendars show the team members' availability and the times they are scheduled to work on the project. A composite resource calendar includes availability information for potential resources as well as their capabilities and skills. (Resource calendars are an input to the Estimate Activity Resources process). This comes in handy when you're creating the final schedule and assigning resources to activities.

Real World Scenario

The Only Candidate

"Hey, did you hear?" your friend Story asks. "Roger has been assigned to the project team."

"Over my dead body," you reply, pushing away from your computer screen. You head straight for the project manager's office and don't wait for a response from Story.

Ann sets the phone into the cradle just as you walk through the door. Fortunately for you, Ann's door is always open, and she welcomes drop-ins.

"Seems like something is on your mind," Ann says. "What can I help with?"

"Story just told me that Roger has been assigned to the project team. I can't work with Roger. He's arrogant and doesn't respect anyone's work but his own. He belittles me in front of others, and I don't deserve that. I write good code, and I don't need Roger looking over my shoulder. I want to be on this team, but not if Roger is part of it."

Ann thinks for a minute and replies, "I want you to work on this project; it's a great opportunity for you. But there isn't anyone else who can work on the analysis phase of this project except Roger. He's the only one left who has a solid understanding of the mainframe legacy code. Unfortunately, those old programs were never documented well, and they've evolved over the years into programs on top of programs. Without Roger's knowledge of the existing system, we'd blow the budget and time estimates already established for this project. Since I need both of you on this project, here's what I propose. I will clearly outline the roles and responsibilities for all the key team members at the kickoff meeting. I'll also make it clear that negative team interactions won't be allowed. And if you have a problem with Roger that you can't resolve on your own, you should get me involved right away."

Project management plan updates The time periods your project staff are available are documented in the resource calendars output. The human resource plan and staffing management plan might require updates to document the project roles and responsibilities of the staff assigned to the project. These documents might require updates throughout the project if you have staff members leave because of a promotion or, heaven forbid, if they leave for employment in another company (unless you want them to leave—that's another story).

Now that you have the team, what do you do with them? You'll look at topics such as motivation, rewards, and recognition in the next process, Develop Project Team.

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Project Management Made Easy

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