Multi Phased Projects

■ Stakeholders have the greatest chance of influencing the project and the characteristics of the product, service, or result of the project in the beginning phases and have less and less influence as the project progresses.

This same phenomenon exists within the project management processes as well. We'll look at those next.

Project management processes organize and describe the work of the project. The PMBOK®Guide describes five process groups used to accomplish this end. These processes are performed by people and, much like project phases, are interrelated and dependent on one another.

These are the five project management process groups that the PMBOK®Guide documents:

■ Initiating

■ Monitoring and Controlling

All these process groups have individual processes that collectively make up the group. For example, the Initiating process group has two processes called Develop Project Charter and Identify Stakeholders. Collectively, these process groups—including all their individual processes—make up the project management process. Projects start with the Initiating process and progress through all the processes in the Planning process group, the Executing process group, and so on, until the project is successfully completed or it's canceled. All projects must complete the Closing processes, even if a project is killed.

associated with the product of the project will be completed. For example, a construction project might have phases such as feasibility study, design, build, inspection, and turnover. The five project management process groups (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing) organize and describe how the project activities will be conducted in order to meet the project requirements. These processes are generally performed for each phase of a large project. The five process groups are the heart of the PMBOK® Guide and the exam. As you progress through this book, be certain you understand each of these processes as they're described in the PMBOK®Guide.

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