Mountain Streams Services

Maria Sanchez is the CEO of Mountain Streams Services. She recently accepted a prestigious industry award on behalf of the company. Maria knows that without the dedication and support of her employees, Mountain Streams Services wouldn't have achieved this great milestone.

Maria wants to host a reception for the employees and their guests in recognition of all their hard work and contributions to the company. Maria has appointed you to arrange the reception.

The reception is scheduled for April 12, and Maria has given you a budget of $125 per person. The company employs 200 people. The reception should be semiformal.

You've documented the deliverables as follows:

■ Location selection

■ Food and beverage menu

■ Invitations

■ Entertainment

■ Insurance coverage

■ Decorations

■ Photographer

In addition to the deliverables, you want to go over the following requirements with Maria to be certain you both are in agreement:

■ The location should be somewhere in the downtown area.

■ Employees are encouraged to bring one guest but no children.

■ There will be an open bar paid for by Maria.

■ The agenda will include a speech by Maria, followed by the distribution of bonus checks to every employee. This is to be kept secret until the reception.

■ The decorations should include gold-trimmed fountain pens with the company logo at every place setting for the attendees to keep.

Once you've documented all the particulars, you ask to speak with Maria to go over this project scope statement and get her approval before proceeding with the project.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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