Monitoring and Controlling Project Work

The processes in the Monitoring and Controlling process group concentrate on monitoring and measuring project performance to identify variances from the project plan and get it back on track.

The Monitor and Control Project Work process is concerned with monitoring all the processes in the Initiating, Planning, Executing, and Closing process groups. Collecting data, measuring results, and reporting on performance information are some of the activities you'll perform during this process.

According to the PMBOK® Guide, the Monitor and Control Project Work process involves the following:

■ Reporting and comparing actual project results against the project management plan

■ Analyzing performance data and determining whether corrective or preventive action should be recommended

■ Monitoring the project for risks to make certain they're identified and reported, their status is documented, and the appropriate risk response plans have been put into action

■ Documenting all appropriate product information throughout the life of the project

■ Gathering, recording, and documenting project information that provides project status, measurements of progress, and forecasting to update cost and schedule information that is reported to stakeholders, project team members, management, and others

■ Monitoring approved change requests

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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