Monitor and Control Risks Inputs

This process has four inputs:

■ Risk register

■ Project management plan

■ Work performance information

■ Performance reports

You'll recall that the risk register tracks and ranks individual risks, identifies the risk owner, describes risk triggers and residual risks, and lists the response plans and strategies you should implement in the event of an actual risk event. Keep in mind that some risk events identified in risk planning will happen and some will not. You will have to stay alert for risk event occurrences and be prepared to respond to them when they do occur. This means you should monitor the risk register regularly.

Work performance information includes information that may help you identify that a new risk event is about to occur, or it may assist you in monitoring previously identified risks. Work performance information includes elements such as the status of deliverables, costs to date, cost changes, schedule progress to date, schedule changes, and/or scope changes.

Performance reports include information such as status reports, performance measurements, and forecasts. These should also be examined from the perspective of risks or risk response plans that might need close monitoring or changes to the response plans to coincide with the performance reports data.

Additional risk response planning might be needed to deal with the new risks or with expected risks whose impact might be greater than expected. This might require repeating the Plan Risk Responses process to create new contingency plans or alternative plans to deal with the risk, or it might require modification to existing plans.

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