Monitor and Control Project Work Inputs

The inputs of this process include project management plan, performance reports, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets. The enterprise environmental factors input in this process includes elements like standards, work authorization systems, risk tolerances of your stakeholders, and project management information systems. Let's look briefly at work authorization systems.

A curious thing happens here. The PMBOKĀ® Guide lists work authorization systems as a tool in its glossary but it's noted as an enterprise environmental factor input in the Monitor and Control Project Work process. I recommend that you understand what a work authorization system is for the exam and how you use it. And for the record, you'll use these systems during the Executing processes.

A work authorization system is a subsystem of the project management system. This is a formal, documented procedure that describes how to authorize work and how to begin that work in the correct sequence and at the right time. This system describes the steps needed to issue a work authorization, the documents needed, the method or system you'll use to record and track the authorization information, and the approval levels required to authorize the work. You should understand the complexity of the project and balance the cost of instituting a work authorization system against the benefit you'll receive from it. This might be overkill on small projects, and verbal instructions might work just as well. For purposes of the exam, understand that project work is assigned and committed via a work authorization system.

Work is usually authorized using a form that describes the task, the responsible party, anticipated start and end dates, special instructions, and whatever else is particular to the activity or project. Depending on the organizational structure, the work is generally assigned and authorized by either the project manager or the functional manager. Remember that the system includes documentation on who has the authority to issue work authorization orders.

The only tool and technique of this process is expert judgment, so we'll move right into the outputs next.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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