Manage Stakeholder Expectations Inputs

The inputs of Manage Stakeholder Expectations include the following:

■ Stakeholder register

■ Stakeholder management strategy

■ Project management plan

■ Organizational process assets

We have discussed each of these inputs previously with the exception of change log. One thing to note about the issue log in this process is that it acts more like an action item log where you record the actions needed to resolve stakeholder concerns and project issues they raise. Issues should be ranked according to their urgency and potential impact on the project. As with the issue log in the Manage Project Team process, you'll assign a responsible party and a due date for resolution.

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According to the PMBOK® Guide, the issue log (or action item log) can be used to promote communication with stakeholders and to ensure that stakeholders and the project team have the same understanding of the issues.

We'll look more closely at change logs in the next chapter, but for purposes of this process, understand that this is a log that documents all the changes made during the course of the project. In terms of stakeholder expectations, you'll want to keep stakeholders updated on changes and their impacts to the project.

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    Which of the following are inputs to the Manage Stakeholder Expectations process?
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