Joseph M Juran

Joseph M. Juran is noted for his fitness for use premise. Simply put, this means the stakeholders' and customers' expectations are met or exceeded. This says that conformance to specifications—meaning the product of the project that was produced is what the project set out to produce—is met or exceeded. Fitness for use specifically reflects the customers' or stakeholders' view of quality and answers the following questions:

Did the product or service produced meet the quality expectation?

Did it satisfy a real need?

Is it reliable and safe?

Juran also proposed that there could be grades of quality. However, you should not confuse grade with quality. Grade is a category for products or services that are of the same type but have differing technical characteristics. Quality describes how well the product or service (or characteristics of the product or service) fulfills the requirements. Low quality is usually not an acceptable condition; however, low grade might be. For example, your new Dad's Dollars Credit Card software tracking system might be of high quality, meaning it has no bugs and the product performs as advertised, but of low grade, meaning it has few features. You'll almost always want to strive for high quality, regardless of the acceptable grade level.

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