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Interpersonal skills are often referred to as soft skills. Soft skills include such things as leadership, influence, negotiation, communications, empathy, and creativity. For example, it's important for you as the project manager to have an understanding of your project team members' attitudes and opinions about their work. Bad attitudes, like the saying goes, are contagious. It doesn't mean the person who has the attitude is bad, but if you're paying attention to your team members and taking the appropriate amount of time to listen to their legitimate concerns and issues, and taking action on them, you can go a long way toward stemming bad attitudes.

Soft skills can be learned but in my experience are more often inherent in project managers' personalities. But just because certain soft skills may not be in your nature, it doesn't mean you can't observe this behavior in others and incorporate them into your management techniques.

One other issue to consider regarding this tool and technique is that you'll have resources from other departments who have assignments on the project that you're responsible for overseeing. For example, the finance department and the marketing department might have assigned project activities, and as the project manager, you'll manage their progress. This implies that you'll need general knowledge management skills to understand what the assignments entail and strong leadership and negotiation skills to influence the departments to stay on schedule.

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