Interpersonal Skills

We talked about interpersonal skills in the Develop Project Team process, but you should know for the exam that the PMBOK® Guide points out three types of interpersonal skills used most often in this process. They are leadership, influencing, and effective decision making. We've already covered leadership and influencing. Effective decision making concerns making decisions in a timely manner and making decisions that reflect and support the goals of the project. Effective decisions should bring about a good result for the project, the stakeholders, and the team members. They also help you take advantage of opportunities and minimize negative risks. As project managers, and good leaders, we have a responsibility to put the good of project and the organization over our own needs, so use sound judgment when making decisions.

No decision is a decision—in effect, you're choosing to do nothing. This can have disastrous consequences for your project. Sometimes, it's better to make a misguided decision than no decision at all. Make certain to examine all the information known at the time, consult your experts, and finally, make the decision.

The outputs of the Manage Project Team process are the result of the conversations, performance appraisals, and conflict resolution I've talked about previously. This process has four outputs:

■ Enterprise environmental factors updates

■ Organizational process assets update

I have seen many project managers in the course of my career drag their feet when it comes to making a decision or downright refuse to make a decision.

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