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û Implement Approved Actions and Workarounds û Measure Project Performance û Verify and Manage Changes to the Project

This chapter introduces the Monitoring and Controlling process group. The Monitoring and Controlling process group involves taking measurements and performing inspections to find out whether there are variances in the plan. If you discover variances, you need to take corrective action to get the project back on track and repeat the affected project Planning processes to make adjustments to the plan as a result of resolving the variances.

We'll start with the Monitor and Control Project Work process. This involves tracking, reviewing, and adjusting and controlling progress to meet the project performance objectives. We'll also look at Administer Procurements, Report Performance, and Perform Integrated Change Control.

Administer Procurements is where contract performance is monitored, procurement relationships are managed, and corrections or changes are implemented where needed.

Performance reports are an output of the Report Performance process and are used during the Monitoring and Controlling processes, along with tools and techniques, to measure project performance. These measurements and control tools allow the project manager to take corrective action during the Monitoring and Controlling processes to remedy wayward project results and realign future project results with the project management plan.

Perform Integrated Change Control lays the foundation for all the control processes that we'll talk about in Chapter 11, such as Monitor and Control Risk, Control Costs, Control Schedule, and more. I'll take the time during this discussion to explain how change control and configuration management works. Remember when you're reading these sections that the information from the Perform Integrated Change Control process applies to all the control processes we'll talk about in Chapter 11.

You've learned a lot about project management by this point and have just a few more topics to add to your study list. Keep up the good work. You're getting closer to exam day.

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Project Management Made Easy

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