Identify Stakeholders Inputs

The Identify Stakeholders process involves identifying and documenting all the stakeholders on the project, including their interests and potential positive or negative impacts on the project.

Identifying key stakeholders seems like it should be fairly easy, but once you get beyond the obvious stakeholders, the process can get difficult. Sometimes stakeholders, even key stakeholders, will change throughout the project's life. The key stakeholders on a project might include the project sponsor, the customer (who might also be the project sponsor), the project manager, project team members, management personnel, contractors, suppliers, and so on. The stakeholders involved in the project charter and the contract are obvious picks to be included in the stakeholder register, one output of this process.

The inputs of this process are as follows:

■ Project charter

■ Procurement documents

■ Enterprise environmental factors

■ Organizational process assets

According to the PMBOK® Guide, the environmental factors you'll want to pay particular attention to during this process are company culture, organizational structure, and governmental or industry standards. The organization structure will help you understand who has influence and power based on position and where they reside in the organization. The organizational process assets you should be concerned about include stakeholder register templates, lessons learned, and the stakeholder registers from previous projects. We'll talk more about stakeholder register templates later in this chapter.

Don't forget important stakeholders. That could be a project killer. Leaving out an important stakeholder, or one whose business processes weren't considered particularly during the Initiating and Planning processes, could spell disaster for your project.

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