FIGuRE Projectized organizational chart

Organizational resources are dedicated to projects and project work in purely projec-tized organizations. Project managers almost always have ultimate authority over the project in this structure and report directly to the CEO. In a purely projectized organization, supporting functions such as human resources and accounting might report directly to the project manager as well. Project managers are responsible for making decisions regarding the project and acquiring and assigning resources. They have the authority to choose and assign resources from other areas in the organization or to hire them from outside if needed. For example, if there isn't enough money in the budget to hire additional resources, the project manager will have to come up with alternatives to solve this problem. This is known as a constraint. Project managers in all organizational structures are limited by constraints such as scope, schedule, and cost (or budget). Quality is sometimes considered a constraint, and it's generally affected by scope, schedule, and/or cost. We'll talk more about constraints in Chapter 2, "Creating the Project Charter."

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