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Know each of the conflict resolution techniques for the exam. Also remember that these techniques will not necessarily yield long-term results. The smoothing and withdrawal techniques have temporary results and aren't always good techniques to use to resolve problems. Resolutions reached through forcing, compromise, and confrontation techniques might not always be satisfying for all parties, but they tend to produce longer-lasting results. Collaborating techniques are often successful and produce commitment to the decision provided all parties believe they had opportunity to provide their opinions and ideas.

During the Manage Project Team process it's important to note that, as in any situation, you'll want to deal with conflict as soon as it arises. According to the PMBOKĀ® Guide, when you have successfully resolved conflict, it will result in increased productivity and better, more positive working relationships.

Most conflicts come about in the Manage Project Team process as a result of schedule issues, availability of resources (usually the lack of availability), or personal work habits. When project team members are having a conflict, address them first in private with the person who has the issue. Work in a direct and collaborative manner, but be prepared to escalate the issue into a more formalized procedure (potentially even disciplinary action) if needed.

If conflicts exist between the team members, encourage resolution between them without intervention on your part. The best conflict resolution will come about when they can work out the issues between them. When that isn't possible, you'll have to step in and help resolve the matter.

Remember that solid ground rules and established policies and procedures will help mitigate conflict before it arises.

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