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Be aware that the PMBOK® Guide describes the PMIS as a tool in the glossary but in this process it's listed as an organizational process assets input. The PMIS in the Develop Project Management Plan process includes a subsystem called the configuration management system (I'll cover this topic in Chapter 10) and the change control system, which is a subsystem of the configuration management system.

As I talked about in Chapter 1, the processes you choose to perform for the project will be based on the complexity of the project, the project scope, and the type of industry in which you work. Your organization's standards, guidelines, and policies or the project management office (PMO) might also dictate the types of processes you'll use for the project. You should also consider whether your organization has existing change control processes in place, templates that you're required to use, or financial controls and processes.

Historical information and past project files are useful in helping you decide which processes to use for this project.

The only tool and technique of this project is expert judgment. According to the PMB OK® Guide, the types of expert judgment you'll need to complete this process include the following:

■ Tailoring techniques

■ Understanding technical and management details that need included in the project management plan

■ Determining resources and assessing skill levels needed for project work

■ Determining and defining the amount of configuration management to apply on the project

■ Determining which project documents require formal change control processes

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