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Project calendars are used in the Develop Schedule process we talked about in Chapter 4. They describe the working and nonworking days (or shifts) for the entire project, including company holidays and weekends. Resource calendars describe availability for individuals or for categories or groups of resources. For example, a resource calendar shows planned vacation time for an individual or nonworking time for a category of resources.

Staff release plan Attention should be given to how you'll release project team members at the end of their assignment. You should have reassignment procedures in place to move folks on to other projects or back to assignments they had before the project. This reduces overall project costs because you pay them only for the time they work and then release them. You won't have a tendency to simply keep them busy between assignments or until the end of their scheduled end date if they complete their activities early. Having these procedures in place will also improve morale because everyone will be clear about how reassignment will occur. This should reduce anxiety about their opportunity for employment at the conclusion of the project or their assignment.

Training needs This describes any training plans needed for team members who don't have the required skills or abilities to perform project tasks.

Recognition and rewards This describes the systems you'll use to reward and reinforce desired behavior. I'll talk more about recognition and rewards in Chapter 8.

Compliance If your project involves regulations that must be met or contractual obligations (such as union contracts), the staffing management plan should detail these and any human resource policies the organization has in place that deal with compliance issues.

Safety Any safety policies and procedures that are applicable to the project or industry you work in should be included in the staffing management plan.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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