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Subdividing deliverables into smaller components is the purpose of the Create WBS process. The PMBOKĀ® Guide calls this decomposition, which is also a tool and technique of this process.

The WBS will be used throughout many of the remaining Planning processes and is an important part of project planning. As you probably have concluded, everything you've done so far builds on the previous step. The project charter, requirements document, and project scope statement outline the project objectives, requirements, and deliverables. Now you'll use that comprehensive list of requirements and deliverables to build the framework of the WBS.

I can't stress enough the importance of the work you've done up to this point. Your WBS will be only as accurate as your list of requirements and deliverables. The deliverables will become the groupings that will form the higher levels of the WBS from which activities will be derived later in the Planning processes.

The WBS should detail the full scope of work needed to complete the project. This breakdown will smooth the way for estimating project cost and time, scheduling resources, and determining quality controls later in the Planning processes. Project progress will be based on the estimates and measurements assigned to the WBS segments. So, again, accuracy and completeness are required when composing your WBS.

Before you begin constructing the WBS, you'll need to gather and review some important project documents. You'll look at those next.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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