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You'll want to pay particular attention to the accuracy and completeness of this process. Defining project scope is critical to the success of the project since it spells out exactly what the product or service of the project looks like. Conversely, poor scope definition might lead to cost increases, rework, schedule delays, and poor morale.

First you'll examine the inputs and tools and techniques of this process. The inputs to the Define Scope process are as follows:

■ Project charter

■ Requirements documentation

■ Organizational process assets

One of the important elements from the project charter that you'll want to consider when writing the project scope statement (we'll cover this output later) is the project objectives.

Objectives are quantifiable criteria used to measure project success. They describe the "what" you're trying to do, accomplish, or produce. Quantifiable criteria should at least include schedule, cost, and quality measures. You might use business measures or quality targets as well. These objectives will be broken down shortly into deliverables that will describe the objectives outlined in the charter.

Some of the other important information you'll want to key in on from these inputs are historical information; the product description; and the project objectives, assumptions, and constraints. (I'll cover each of these in the section "Writing the Project Scope Statement" later in this chapter.)

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