Estimate Activity Resources Outputs

The purpose of the Estimate Activity Resources process is to develop the activity resource requirements output. This output describes the types of resources and the quantity needed for each activity associated with a work package. You should prepare a narrative description for this output that describes how you determined the estimate, including the information you used to form your estimate and the assumptions you made about the resources and their availability.

Work package estimates are derived by taking a cumulative total of all the schedule activities within the work package.

You'll use the information from this output in the next process (Estimate Activity Durations) to determine the length of time each activity will take to complete. That, of course, depends on the quantity and skill level of the resources assigned, which is the reason you estimate resources before you try to determine duration.

The two other outputs of this process are resource breakdown structure and project document updates.

The resource breakdown structure (RBS) is much like an organizational breakdown structure only the RBS lists the resources by category and type. You may several categories of resources, including labor, hardware, equipment, supplies, and so on. Type describes the types of resources needed, such as skill levels or quality grades of the material and so on.

The project document updates portion of this output refers to updating the activity list, activity attributes, and the resource calendars with changes to any of the elements you've recorded here.

You can see how these "Activity" processes have built upon each other. First you defined the activities, then you determined dependencies and sequenced them in the correct order, and next you determined what types and quantities of resources are required to complete the activities. Now you're ready to begin estimating the duration of these activities so you can plug them into the project schedule.

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