Estimate Activity Resources Inputs

The Estimate Activity Resources process has several inputs, most of which you already know:

■ Activity list

■ Activity attributes

■ Resource calendars

■ Enterprise environmental factors

■ Organizational process assets

The only input you haven't seen before is resource calendars.

the Executing process group, so you may find this input perplexing here. However, you may have some resource availability information (resource calendars) on a preliminary basis during this process and you'll further define it when resources are actually assigned to the project later in the Executing processes. In practice, you may find that you perform the Acquire Project Team process during the later stages of the Planning portion of the project rather than in the Executing process.

The resource calendars input describes the time frames in which resources (both human and material) are available. They look at a particular resource or groups of resources and their skills, abilities, quantity, and availability. Perhaps your project calls for a marketing resource and the person assigned to the marketing activities is on an extended vacation in October. The resource calendar would show this person's vacation schedule. (The overall project calendar shows the holidays the company recognizes.)

Resource calendars also examine the quantity, capability, and availability of equipment and material resources that have a potential to impact the project schedule. For example, suppose your project calls for a hydraulic drill and your organization owns only one. The resource calendar will tell you whether it's scheduled for another job at the same time it's needed for your project.

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