Estimate Activity Durations Outputs

Everything I've discussed to this point has brought you to the primary output of this process: the activity duration estimates. You use the inputs and tools and techniques to establish these estimates. As mentioned earlier, activity duration estimates are an estimate of the required work periods needed to complete the activity. This is a quantitative measure usually expressed in hours, weeks, days, or months.

One factor to note about your final estimates as an output to this process is that they should contain a range of possible results. In the cable-running example, you would state the activity duration estimates as "100 hours ±10 hours" to show that the actual duration will take at least 90 hours and might go as long as 110 hours. Or you could use percentages to express this range.

The other output of Estimate Activity Durations is project document updates. Some of the information that may need revisited and updated as a result of this process are the activity attributes and the assumptions you made regarding resource availability and skill levels.

Now that you have all the activity information in hand, along with a host of other inputs, you're ready to develop the project schedule.

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Project Management Made Easy

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