Developing the Project Team

Projects exist to create a unique product, result, or service within a limited time frame. Projects are performed by people, and most projects require more than one person to perform all of the activities. If you've got more than one person working on your project, you've got a team. And if you've got a team, you've got a wide assortment of personalities, skills, needs, and issues in the mix. Couple this with part-time team members, teams based in functional organizations whose loyalty lies with the functional manager, or teams based in matrix organizations that report to you for project-related activities and another manager for their functional duties, and you could have some real challenges on your hands. Good luck—OK, I won't leave you hanging like that.

The Develop Project Team process is about creating an open, encouraging environment for your team and developing it into an effective, functioning, coordinated group. Projects are performed by individuals, and the better they work together, the smoother and the more efficient the execution of the project will be. I'm sure you all have had the experience of working with a team that pitched in and shared workloads when the work became unbalanced. I'm also sure you all have worked with teams that didn't do this—teams whose members took on a "me first" attitude and couldn't care less about the plight of their fellow team members. I'd much rather work with a team like the first example.

The proper development of the team is critical to a successful project. Since teams are made up of individuals, individual development becomes a critical factor to project success. Individual team members need the proper development and training to perform the activities of the project or to enhance their existing knowledge and skills. The development needed will depend on the project. Perhaps you have a team member who's ready to make the jump into a lead role but they don't have any experience at lead work. Give them some exposure by assigning them a limited amount of activities in a lead capacity, provide them with some training if needed, and be available to coach and mentor where needed. The best option is to work with the management team to provide this person with the development they need prior to the start of the project (if you're lucky enough to know early on who your resources might be and what their existing skills are).

Develop Project Team inputs include project staff assignments, project management plan, and resource calendars. Funny thing, these inputs are all outputs that I discussed in the Acquire Project Team process, so we'll move on.

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