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DSU has hired a contract agency to create its new registration website. The website will allow students in good academic standing to register for classes over the Internet. You have been appointed the project manager for the DSU side of this project. You'll be working with Henry Lu from Websites International to complete this project.

Henry has given you an activity list and asked for time estimates that he can plug into the project plan.

Your first stop is Mike Walter's desk. He's the expert on the mainframe registration system and will be writing the interface programs to accept registration data from the new website. Mike will also create the download that the Internet program will use to verify students' academic standing. Mike has created other programs just like this in the past. His expertise and judgment are very reliable.

The next stop is Kate Langdon. She's the new team leader over the testing group. Kate has been with DSU for only one month. Since she has no experience working with DSU data and staff members, she tells you she'll get back to you within a week with estimates for the testing activities. She plans to read through the project binders of some similar projects and base her estimates against the historical information on similar projects. She'll run the estimates by her lead tester before giving them to you.

You've asked both of your resources to provide you with three-point estimates. Mike Walter's estimates are an example of using the tool and technique of expert judgment to derive activity duration estimates. The estimates expected from Kate Langdon will be derived using historical information (implied by the research she's going to do into past similar projects) and expert judgment because she's involving her lead tester to verify the estimates.

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