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During Direct and Manage Project Execution, you'll gather and record information regarding the outcomes of the work, including activity completion dates, milestone completions, the status of the deliverables, the quality of the deliverables, costs, schedule progress and updates, and so on. Deliverables aren't always tangible. For example, perhaps your team members require training on a piece of specialized equipment. Completion of the training is recorded as a work result. Capabilities required to perform a service that's described in the project management plan are also considered a deliverable. All of this information gets used during the Performance Reporting process, which I'll discuss during the Monitoring and Controlling processes.

Executing and Monitoring and Controlling are two process groups that work hand in hand. As you gather the information from work results, you'll measure the outputs and take corrective actions where necessary. This means you'll loop back through the Executing processes to put the corrections into place. The PMBOKĀ® Guide breaks these processes up for ease of explanation, but in practice, you'll work through several of the Executing and Monitoring and Controlling processes together.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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