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v Obtain Plan Approval

The Planning process group has more processes than any other process group. As a result, a lot of time and effort goes into the Planning processes of any project. You'll find on some projects that you might spend almost as much time planning the project as you do executing and controlling it. This isn't a bad thing. The better planning you do up front, the more likely you'll have a successful project. Speaking of planning, together the Planning, Executing, and Monitoring and Controlling process groups account for almost 70 percent of the PMP exam questions, so plan on spending about the same percentage of your study time on these areas.

This is another fun-filled, action-packed chapter. We'll start off by defining the activities that become the work of the project. The WBS will come in handy here, so keep it close by. Then we'll sequence the activities in their proper order, estimate the resources we'll need to complete the work, and estimate how long each activity will take. Last but not least, we'll develop the project schedule.

Everything you've done up to this point and the processes we'll discuss in this chapter will help you create an accurate project schedule. You'll use these documents (along with several other documents you've created along the way) throughout the Executing and Monitoring and Controlling processes to help measure the progress of the project. Let's get going.

Now you're off and running toward the development of your project schedule. To develop the schedule, you first need to define the activities, sequence them in the right order, estimate resources, and estimate the time it will take to complete the tasks. I'll cover the Define Activities process here, the Sequence Activities process next, and pick up with the estimating processes in the next chapter.

The Define Activities process is a further breakdown of the work package elements of the WBS. It documents the specific activities needed to fulfill the deliverables detailed on the WBS. This process might be performed by the project manager, or when the WBS is broken down to the subproject level, this process (and all the activity-related processes that follow) might be assigned to a subproject manager.

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