Creating the Project Charter

the pmp® exam content from the initiating the project performance domain covered in this chapter includes the following:

û Conduct Project Selection Methods û Define Scope

û Document Project Risks, Assumptions, and Constraints û Develop Project Charter û Obtain Project Charter Approval û Identify and Perform Stakeholder Analysis

Now that you're armed with a detailed overview of project management, you can easily determine whether your next assignment really is a project or an ongoing operation. You've also learned some of the basics of good project management techniques. You'll now start putting those techniques into practice during the Initiating process group, which is where all projects start. And, as you've probably already guessed, you'll be using some of the general management skills outlined in Chapter 1, "What Is a Project?"

One of the first skills you will put to use will be your communication skills. Are you surprised? Of course you're not. It all starts with communication. You can't start defining the project until you've first talked to the project sponsor, key stakeholders, and management personnel. All good project managers have honed their communication skills to a nice sharp edge.

You'll remember from Chapter 1 that Initiating is the first process group in the five project management process groups. You can think of it as the official project kickoff. Initiating acknowledges that the project, or the next phase in an active project, should begin. This process group culminates in the publication of a project charter and a stakeholder register. I'll cover each in this chapter. But before we dive into the Initiating processes, we have one more preliminary topic to cover regarding the nine Knowledge Areas.

At the end of this chapter, I'll introduce a case study that will illustrate the main points of the chapter. I'll expand on this case study from chapter to chapter, and you'll begin building a project using each of the skills you learn.

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