■ Technical ability of vendor and its proposed team

■ Technical approach

■ Experience on projects of similar size and scope, including references

■ Project management approach

■ Management approach

■ Financial stability and capacity

■ Production capacity

■ Reputation, references, and past performance

■ Intellectual and proprietary rights

You could include many of these in a weighted scoring model and rate each vendor on how well they responded to these issues.

Real World Scenario

The Customer Relationship Management System Response

Ryan Hunter is preparing the source selection criteria for an RFP for a customer relationship management (CRM) software system. After meeting with key stakeholders and other project managers in the company who've had experience working on projects of this size and scope, he devised the first draft of the source selection criteria. A partial list is as follows:

■ Successful bidder's response must detail how business processes (as documented in the RFP page 24) will be addressed with their solution.

■ Successful bidder must document their project management approach, which must follow the PMBOK® Guide project practices. They must provide an example project management plan based on a previous project experience of similar size and scope to the one documented in the RFP.

■ Successful bidder must document previous successful implementations, including integration with existing organization's PBX and network operating system, and must provide references.

■ Successful bidder must provide financial statements for the previous three years.

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