Controlling Work Results

THE PMP ExAM CoNTENT FRoM THE MoNiToRiNG and controlling the project performance domain covered in this chapter includes

THE following:

û Ensure Project Deliverables Conform to Quality Standards û Measure Project Performance û Verify and Manage Changes to the Project û Monitor All Risks

You've almost made it to the homestretch. This chapter covers the last group of project processes in the Monitoring and Controlling group. There's a significant amount of information packed into this chapter, and I recommend you memorize all the formulas presented here for the exam.

I'll cover the Monitor and Control Risks, Control Costs, Control Schedule, Perform Quality Control, Verify Scope, and Control Scope processes in this chapter.

Monitor and Control Risks monitors the project for risks and monitors the risk response plans that have been put into action or might need to be put into action. The Control Cost and Control Schedule processes are similar to Perform Integrated Change Control, which we discussed in the last chapter. Remember when you're reading these sections that the information from the Perform Integrated Change Control process applies to these areas as well.

The Perform Quality Control process involves several new tools and techniques that might show up on the exam. Take some time here to understand the tools and techniques in the Perform Quality Control process and to differentiate them from the tools and techniques associated with the Plan Quality and Perform Quality Assurance processes.

Verify Scope involves verifying and accepting work results. Control Scope is like the change control processes I discussed in Chapter 10 and is concerned with controlling changes to project scope.

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