Control Schedule Outputs

The Control Schedule process has the following outputs:

■ Work performance measurements

■ Organizational process assets updates

■ Change requests

■ Project management plan updates

■ Project document updates

Project management plan updates include making updates to the schedule baseline and the cost baseline. Changes to the cost baseline may be necessary when you've used a schedule compression or crashing technique. Changes to approved schedule start and end dates in the schedule baseline are called revisions. These generally occur as a result of a project scope change, or changes to activity estimates, and might result in a schedule baseline update. Schedule baseline updates occur when significant changes to the project schedule are made like the changes just mentioned. This means a new schedule baseline is established that reflects the changed project activity dates. Once the new baseline is established, it is used as the basis for future performance measurements. Never rebaseline a schedule without first having it approved by the project sponsor and archiving a copy of the original baseline and schedule.

Take care when rebaselining a project schedule. Don't lose the original baseline information. Why do you care? Because the original baseline serves as historical information to reference for future projects. Make a backup copy of the original schedule so that you have a record of the original baseline as a reference. Even though some project management software allows you to save several baselines plus the original, it's still good practice to make a backup copy of the original.

Changes to the project schedule might or might not require updates to other elements of the project plan as well. For example, extending a schedule activity involving a contractor might impact the costs associated with that activity.

The project document updates output may require updates to either the schedule data or project schedule or both. For example, project schedule network diagrams require updates as a result of schedule model data updates. Don't forget to document these changes and inform your stakeholders.

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Project Management Made Easy

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