Conducting Procurements and Sharing Information


executing the project performance domain covered in this chapter includes THE following:

v Execute Tasks Defined in Project Plan v Ensure Common Understanding and Set Expectations v Implement the Procurement of Project Resources v Implement Quality Management Plan

This chapter wraps up the Executing process group. We'll look at four processes in this chapter: Conduct Procurements, Perform Quality Assurance, Distribute Information, and Manage Stakeholder Expectations.

Most of these processes aren't related to each other, but all are necessary to conduct the work of the project. They work in coordination with all the other Executing processes and are all extensions of the Planning processes that preceded them (like Plan Procurements, Plan Quality, and so on). Conduct Procurements, and Perform Quality Assurance in particular, work hand in hand with their Monitoring and Controlling processes (Administer Procurements and Perform Quality Control) to implement, measure, and report services and results.

Conduct Procurements is where sellers respond to the bids we prepared in the Plan Contracting process. Contract awards are made here also. In Perform Quality Assurance, we'll look at several techniques to audit the project's quality requirements against the quality results. Distribute Information will cover more communication topics, including status reports, and last but not least we'll talk about Managing Stakeholder Expectations, which is critical during the Executing processes. Grab your favorite beverage and let's get started.

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