Collecting Requirements

Collect Requirements is the first process in the Project Scope Management Knowledge Area and the second process in the Planning process group. You might recall from Chapter 1 that the purpose of the Project Scope Management Knowledge Area is to describe and control what is and what is not work of the project. This is the first process where we get into the meat of the Planning processes and get down to defining what the final product or service of the project looks like—thus we're starting off defining what is included in the work of the project.

In practice, you will likely perform the Define Scope process before the Collect Requirements process. Deliverables must be identified before you can document their detailed requirements. The project charter, an input to this process, does capture some of the high-level requirements of the project, but they are not usually sufficient enough to jump into requirements gathering. For the exam, remember that Collect Requirements comes before Define Scope. We'll discuss Define Scope in the section "Defining Scope" later in this chapter.

Requirements describe the characteristics of the deliverables. They might also describe functionality that a deliverable must have or specific conditions a deliverable must meet in order to satisfy the objective of the project. Requirements are typically conditions that must be met or criteria that the product or service of the project must possess in order to satisfy the objectives of the project. Requirements quantify and prioritize the wants, needs, and expectations of the project sponsor and stakeholders. According to the PMBOK® Guide and lots of personal experience, you must be able to measure, trace, and test requirements. It's important that they're complete and accepted by your project sponsor and key stakeholders.

The primary purpose of the Collect Requirements process is to define and document the project sponsor, the customer, and the stakeholder's expectations and needs for meeting the project objective. In my experience, understanding, documenting, and agreeing upon requirements is a critical factor to project success. Recording the requirements and attaining stakeholder approval of the requirements will help you define and manage their expectations throughout the project.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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