Change Control Board

In some organizations, a change control board (CCB) is established to review all change requests. The board is given the authority to approve or deny change requests as defined by the organization. It's important that its authority is clearly defined and that separate procedures exist for emergency changes. The CCB might meet only once a week, once every other week, or even once a month, depending on the project. When emergencies arise, the preestablished procedures allow the project manager to implement the change on the spot. This always requires follow-up with the CCB and completion of a formal change request, even though it's after the fact.

CCB members might include stakeholders, managers, project team members, and others who might not have any connection to the project at hand. Some organizations have permanent CCBs that are staffed by full-time employees dedicated to managing change for the entire organization, not just project change. You might want to consider establishing a CCB for your project if the organization does not have one.

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