Arrow Diagramming Method ADM

This is not a listed tool and technique of the Sequence Activities process, but there is a possibility you could see a question on the exam regarding this diagramming method. It's a very old technique that's rarely used anymore, but nonetheless you should have some familiarity with it.

The arrow diagramming method (ADM) is visually the opposite of the PDM. The arrow diagramming method places activities on the arrows, which are connected to dependent activities with nodes. This method is also called activity on arrow (AOA). This technique isn't used nearly as often as PDM, but some industries prefer the ADM to the PDM. For the record, note that ADM allows for more than one time estimate to determine duration and uses only the finish-to-start dependency. And there's one more unique note about ADM to tuck away: sometimes dummy activities must be plugged into the diagram to accurately display the dependencies.

The following example shows the ADM method applied to the house-painting example.

O Start Scrape Prime Paint Finish

Clean Equipment ^^ Remove Masking

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