Approving and Publishing the Project Scope Statement

Just like the project charter, the project scope statement should be approved, agreed upon, published, and distributed to the stakeholders, key management personnel, and project team members. This isn't an official output of this process, nor is it noted in the PMBOKĀ® Guide. You can accomplish this with a formal sign-off procedure that's documented as part of the approval requirements section of the scope statement. When stakeholders sign off and agree to the scope statement, they're agreeing to the deliverables and requirements of the project. And, as with the project charter, their agreement and endorsement of the project requirements and deliverables will likely sustain their participation and cooperation throughout the rest of the project. That doesn't mean they'll agree to everything as the project progresses, but it does mean the stakeholders are informed and will likely remain active project participants.

Remember that the definition of a successful project is one that accomplishes the goals of the project and meets or exceeds stakeholders' expectations. Understand and document those expectations and you're off to a good start.

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