Answers to Review Questions

1. D. Integration occurs when resources, equipment, or property are reassigned or redeployed back to the organization or to another project.

2. A. Starvation occurs because the project no longer receives the resources needed to continue. Resources could include people, equipment, money, and the like.

3. A. Extinction is the best type of project end because it means the project was completed successfully and accepted by the sponsor or customer.

4. C. The project manager is responsible for documenting the formal acceptance of the work of the contract. This should be done during Close Procurements when projects are performed under contract or during Close Project or Phase if no work was performed under contract. In cases where part of the work was performed under contract and part with in-house staff, formal acceptance should occur in both of these processes.

5. A. Procurement audits are used to review the procurement process and identify and document any lessons learned during the procurement process for future reference.

6. A. Lessons learned document the experiences, successes, and failures that occurred during this project for future reference. There isn't enough information in the question to determine whether B or D is correct. C is not correct because the project was completed.

7. A. According to the PMBOKĀ® Guide, the procurement audit examines the procurement processes from Plan Procurements through Administer Procurements.

8. A. You are not responsible for the personal integrity of others, but as project manager you do have influence over others, such as your project team members.

9. C. Integrity means you'll honestly report project outcomes and status. Your personal gain should not be placed above the satisfaction of the customer.

10. D. The best answer to this problem is to develop alternative solutions to address the design error. Reducing technical requirements might be an alternative solution, but it's not one you'd implement without looking at all the alternatives. Ignoring the error and going forward with production will result in an unsatisfactory product for the customer.

11. A. A luncheon date could be considered a conflict of interest prior to awarding a contract to a vendor. Consider what a competitor of this vendor would think if they spotted you having lunch together.

12. B. The best response to this situation is to thank the vendor and decline based on the fact that this could be considered personal gain on your part. Option D might seem correct, but remember, you're not responsible for the integrity of others. And it's often common business practice for vendors to offer gifts to potential customers.

13. D. The best response in this case is to accept the gift because it would cause great offense to the other party if you were to decline. Report the gift and the circumstances as soon as possible to the appropriate parties at your company.

14. D. This is a conflict of interest situation, and you should report it as a violation of the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

15. A. Documenting the requirements and meeting them is one of the key things you can do to ensure customer satisfaction. The requirements describe what the customer is looking for, and the final product is compared against them to determine whether all of the requirements were met.

16. A. The most correct response is to first provide training to your team members to teach them how to respect and work with others from different cultures. Co-location might not be possible when you're working with team members from two different countries. Teambuilding exercises are a good idea as well but are not your first course of action.

17. B. The situation presented here requires you to put the interest of the company and the confidentiality of the data above your own personal interests or those of your stakeholders. D is not the most correct response because it says you believe the information is public. This implies you haven't verified whether the data is private or public. Until you know, treat the data as confidential. In this case, the information is confidential and should be shared only with those who have a valid reason for using it.

18. C. As project manager, it's your responsibility to make sure the people you will be sharing data with have the proper permissions to see the data; this question indicated that you did that. In this case, D is not correct because it implies that you did not verify ahead of time that the stakeholder had the proper level of approvals to use the data.

19. D. Culture shock is the disoriented feeling that people might experience when working in a foreign country.

20. A. The most appropriate response is to deny the request. Software is considered intellectual property and should not be used for personal gain or given to others without prior consent from the organization. This question states that the release of the beta software is handled through the marketing department, so you should not give your friend a copy of the software outside of this process.


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