Alternatives Identification

Alternatives identification is a technique used for discovering different methods or ways of accomplishing the work of the project. For example, brainstorming might be used to discover alternative ways of achieving one of the project objectives. Perhaps the project's budget doesn't allow for a portion of the project that the stakeholders really think needs to be included. Brainstorming might uncover an alternative that would allow the needed portion to be accomplished.

Lateral thinking is a form of alternatives identification that can be used to help define scope. Edward de Bono created this term and has done extensive research and writing on the topic of lateral thinking. The simplest definition is that it's thinking outside the box. Lateral thinking is a process of separating the problem—or in our case the components of project scope (the deliverables and requirements)—looking at them from angles other than their obvious presentation and encouraging team members to come up with ways to solve problems or look at scope that are not apparently obvious.

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