Using Project Management to Create an Entrepreneurial Environment in Czechoslovakia

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1. The authors state that they found Czech and Slovak managers familiar with traditional scheduling technology, but without project management expertise. Therefore, they aimed their training programs towards the planning function and its relationship with project implementation and evaluation. Discuss the importance of project planning.

2. The case describes several weaknesses found on project designs such as: lacked clear statement of purpose or impact, lacked clear performance measures, etc. The authors state: "These weaknesses needed to be addressed during the project design phase when the cost of planning is significantly less than during implementation." Do you agree with this statement? Why?

3. The Czech and Slovak managers were anxious to learn about being a leader.

' What it is the difference between a manager 'and a leader?

4. Discuss the importance of recognizing cultural differences when implementing project management and list examples of cultural features relevant to this case.


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