The Sydney To Hobart A Case Study In Project Management

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1. The project initiator believes that winning a yacht race depends 80 percent on the preparation stage and only 20 percent on the effort in the actual race. Einstein was quoted as saying that a creation is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration. Which of these statements do you agree with? Why, given a project management context?

2. This project essentially describes a job-shop point of view. How might the creation of a fleet of championship boats change the described project life-cycle?

3. Cost management was described as subsidiary to time and quality objectives for this project. If this situation had been different, i.e., a restrictive boat budget, how might the project results have changed?

4. Had this same project analysis been performed on another boat in the Sydney to Hobart, how might it have pointed out any deficiencies in the project process?

5. The case mentions the importance of meeting the requirements of five different certifications along with careful lobbying in order to enable entry of the yácht into the races. All projects face these kinds of challenges. Review the literature to develop your own model for dealing with these issues.

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