The Environmental and Molecular Sciences Laboratory Project Continuous Evolution in Leadership

1. The authors highlight the importance of having a clear mission and obje tives in the project. What does it mean to have a project with a clear missic and objectives?

2. The case also mentions the importance of scope management in a resean environment. Define scope management for any project.

3. The relocation process was carried out very successfully and only meant a percent over-cost. To which factor do you attribute this accomplishment?

4. The authors state: "The challenge that the EMSL project met was to defi the capabilities of EMSL in a way that identified their relevant applicatic fundamental need, and feasibility of completion in a way that could be v derstood and accepted." What would be some of the consequences of r defining the capabilities in this way?

5. The authors state: "A matrix organization consisting of personnel drawn frc eleven research, technical, and Support organizations was created to ham the myriad technical, regulatory, and documentation efforts of the projec Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the matrix organization.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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