The Channel Tunnel Larger Than Life and Late

1. Despite facing many management failures, the channel tunnel is certainly one of the world's engineering wonders. The author concentrates her analysis on the conflict between Transmanche Link (TML) and Eurotunnel. Suggest a course of action that should have been taken to prevent this conflict.

2. Some of the Intergovernmental Commission (ICG) decisions caused a portion of the cost overrun on thr t As a project manager, what could you have done to minimize the I ese decisions?

3. In an interview in the article, one executive, in referring to the bank and contractor who put the project together, said that they "had no idea how to be owners." What is the role of the owner of the project? Where did the owners of this project fail?

4. List some of the other factors that might have contributed to the cost overruns and schedule delays on this project.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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